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Affordable & Reliable Pest Control Services in Teller County, Co & El Paso County, Co & Beyond!

Insect & Spider Extermination

Insect and spider extermination services are important for controlling populations of unwanted pests in homes and businesses.

Our services typically involve various environmentally safe strategies to kill and repel insects and spiders from your home. Most common insects and spiders targeted in Colorado are ants, bees, beetles, wasps, roaches, termites, bed bugs, and black widow spiders.

Insect Home Inspections

The evaluation of pests, insects, rodents, and infestations is crucial in safeguarding the health, safety, and integrity of homes and buildings.

Our inspections employ specialized techniques and equipment to identify the presence of pests or infestations, assess the extent of the issue, and recommend appropriate measures for control and prevention.

Pest Control

CM Pest Control is here to provide you with our detailed, professional & environmentally safe eradication strategies for each of the following types of pests.

If you have a different pest or unwanted guest, please let us know and we will discuss options with you. We are here to make your home problem pest FREE quickly and affordably.

Wildlife Control

CM Pest Control has seen it all! Once we even performed an elephant removal service in Breckenridge. Well, OK… Everything but that! But, seriously, we have performed everything from snake removals from campers and cabins to cougars from living rooms. If you have or are having an encounter with a wild animal, do not try and tackle it alone.

Simply Contact Us and we will do the rest and we always treat our Colorado Wildlife with respect and humanely unless the life of the client is at risk.