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About Central Mountain Pest Control LLC

Joshua Eugley & Central Mountain Pest Control

The Genesis of Family Owned & Centrally Located Colorado Pest Control Company

My story begins like that of many people, with trials and tribulations. After high school, I started working on a farm in Washington state, learning the ropes of hard work by planting fields, using new equipment, and selling fruits and vegetables. One summer week, we were short handed, and I had the chance to work with a man named Earney, who was the pesticide applicator for the farm. I remember this week of work because it was so darn hot and under the sun you could really feel the burn.We needed to enrich a few crops with nitrogen, and he showed me how to apply it, which is similar to applying pesticides. I learned that every job is important on the farm, but without certain chemicals and nutrients, nothing will grow, no matter how hard you work. After watching him for the week, I knew I no longer wanted to be down in the dirt. I wanted to be on top of the field, helping to maximize the yield from labor. Thus, the idea of becoming a pesticide applicator was born.

The Path to Becoming a Pesticide Applicator

The road to becoming a pesticide applicator wasn’t straightforward. I worked on the farm for another five years, picking up various skills and traits. My goal was to gather as much experience applying chemicals as possible, which required a minimum of two years of experience under someone who has a license. Since Earney wasn’t always applying chemicals, this took a lot of time and effort. Finally, I gained enough experience to receive my very own pesticide applicator’s license. However, the struggles were far from over for me.

Facing Obstacles and Overcoming Challenges

During my final year working on the farm, the fall rains destroyed several fields of squash and pumpkins, which were the farm’s biggest selling produce that time of year. Sadly, I was laid off with numerous other employees at the time. I couldn’t afford to start a new business, and with no prospects left for me in Washington and my savings dwindling fast, I was forced to move states away and live with my mother in California until I could get back on my feet.

After moving, I landed a job in commercial construction, but working outside in the hot sun day after day burned me out. After six years of grueling back-breaking labor, I knew I needed a change. The only thing I could think of was to use my knowledge and experience of pesticide applications to open my own business and work for myself. So, I took it upon myself to acquire my Qualified Supervisors License to apply pesticides through a business of my own. I faced many obstacles and new challenges I had never been confronted with before. I had never operated a business, and I didn’t know the time and dedication needed to be successful, but I quickly learned the ins and outs of running a company and how to be successful.

Starting My Own Business

The next chapter of my life was difficult as I could not get a foothold in the pest control field in California. The competition was fierce, and the market was saturated with pest control companies. It looked as if there was a pest control provider every few miles. However, I was serious about opening my own doors to be a pest control service provider. I had to move where the competition wasn’t so high and pest control was in demand. That’s how I ended up in the very center of the state of Colorado, in a small town named Florissant.

My Successful Pest Control Company in Colorado – Central Mountain Pest Control

I have now been owning and operating my pest control company in Colorado for seven successful years. I love the Rocky Mountains, the people, and the wildlife that inhabit the area. My team and I are dedicated to keeping both people and wildlife safe from environmental harm. Thank you for reading my story and for the opportunity to service your home and keep your loved ones safe!

Joshua Eugley