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What are Professional Bird Removal Services in Colorado?

There is nothing as beautiful as a swarm of birds of different colors and sizes perching and singing in parks. The therapeutic sound is not only pleasing to the ears, but can also help alleviate stress and anxiety.

On the other side, the same birds can be a source of serious problems when they inhabit the wrong places. Some of the places where the avian community wreaks havoc includes fruit farms, fishponds, homes, residential and commercial buildings.

In this case, only professional bird removal services can help you move birds from your living spaces by transferring them to their rightful habitats. This article discusses the various services included in a professional bird removal package in Colorado.

Bird Debris Cleanup

Do you have birds in your house that need not to be there?

When birds inhabit the wrong places such as vents, crawl spaces, and the ceiling, they tend to leave lots of debris behind. Among the many forms of debris left behind by birds range from feathers, droppings, and vegetation leftover. Most of this debris is unsightly and leads to massive structural damage. For instance, the acidic nature of droppings corrodes building materials such as concrete, laminate sidings and roof shingles.

Upon arrival at the site, professionals begin the removal process by wetting the infested surfaces. This works by loosening the debris and preventing bacteria and germs from landing on other surfaces through sweeping. Using special tools, they then scoop the debris off the infested surfaces, after which they thoroughly wash these places with environmentally conscious products. They then finish the process by disinfecting the place to fight off any bacteria and germs that may have been left behind.

Bird Relocation

This method involves moving the avian community from the wrong places back to their habitats in the most humane manner. The movement must never interfere with the wellbeing or behavior of the birds. The idea behind their transfer is not to discourage them from coming back to the nest, rather it is meant to keep them off their initial places of habitation. To carry out bird relocation, one must be licensed and highly experienced. This is because should the process be interfered with the wellbeing and behavior of the birds, you might be staring at hefty lawsuits. The welfare of wildlife, including birds, is protected under the law; this is why you should never try this on your own. For instance, when moving the nest, the hatchlings must never be disturbed or hurt.

Net Installation

This is the installation of a specialized type of net, meant to keep the avian species from inhabiting the wrong places. The net is made from environmentally conscious material and does not in any way hurt the birds. It is only meant to deter them without trapping them. The net is almost invisible from a distance, and this ensures that it does not interfere with the aesthetic appeal of the structure where it has been installed, for example homes.

Repellent Application

This method of controlling their population entails the use of different deterrent techniques to keep
birds away from unwanted surfaces. Bird repellents come in different forms such as smelly and sticky substances, devices that emit ultrasonic sound and objects that mimic predator images. Smelly substances have irritating smells, while the sticky ones are also irritable to the sensory nerves of the birds. Sound devices emit sharp sounds that mimic those of the predators, hence activating the flight mode among the birds. They could also come in form of objects that resemble the image of predators to help scare away birds.

Bird Spike Installation

Even though the name spike sparks some bits of controversy, they are not the same spikes you might be familiar with, when it comes to their control. The spikes used in this process refer to rods that resemble needles, only that they do not physically inflict any injuries to the birds. They are just meant to deter these species from inhabiting the wrong places such as beams, roof, and ledges. Bird spikes is the best way to control birds without causing any harm to the environment. These spikes are almost visually invisible so you do not have to worry about them hindering the aesthetic appeal of your structure.

Colorado is the home to more than 500 species of birds and without proper control measures; they
could wreak havoc to homes and other buildings owners. The responsibility of professionals is to deter, move and remove these species from the unwanted areas in the most humane manner. Professional services help protect structural integrity of buildings while maintaining the ecological balance that we so much need.

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