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What Should I do to remove a Squirrel from my Home in Woodland Park CO?

Some people see squirrels as cute and harmless. However, this is not the actual case because these pests can be quite a nuisance especially when they get access to your property. They gnaw on wooden structures, electrical wiring, and parts of your house, causing significant damage that can be quite expensive to repair. They also tend to hide in different parts of your house like chimneys, attic, and crawl spaces. The result of this is unsanitary conditions and unpleasant odors. Since these are things that you do not want to experience as a homeowner in Woodland Park CO, it makes sense to learn a few tricks on how to get rid of them. This article looks at exactly that.

Assess the Infestation

The first thing to do is assess the situation you are dealing with when it comes to pest control in your home. You need to know the extent of intrusion and different points of entry.

Do you have a squirrel in the attic?

This will help you take the right action because if you are dealing with one or two squirrels, you can take care of them independently. However, if the infestation is enormous, then you will need to hire the services of experts. It is also an important step to help you know the exact location of these pests on your property. By looking at different signs such as droppings, nesting materials, and noises, you can be able to pinpoint where they are most active so you can come up with the right removal strategy.

Create an Exit Route

If you are dealing with just one squirrel, creating a good exit route can help you get it out of your property. You do not even need to force it to leave as long as the route is perfectly designed because it can leave on its own accord, reducing the stress of having to deal with it. You can do this by opening windows and doors that lead to the outside and removing any obstacles that could obstruct its exit. This is a great approach because you do not have to use other intrusive removal methods.

Give It a Reason to Leave

You could also lure the pest to get out of your house by placing enticing foods such as fruits, seeds, and nuts near exit points. This will help attract the squirrel to the outside and motivate it to venture into the great outdoors in search of more food. When out there, you can seal the entry points and it will find other places to reside. In addition, you can remove any food sources in your house that could be attracting the squirrel to the indoors. Doing this will help the pest’s instinct to kick in and go ahead to forage food in the outdoors.

Use Deterrents

Using the right deterrents can be a good way to remove that nuisance squirrel from your property. One deterrent you can use is bright lights and loud noises from radios or ultrasonic devices. These can help startle and deter it from hiding in enclosed spaces like the attic, ceiling, or crawlspaces. You could even consider going for natural deterrents such as predator scent. This can cause it to sense danger, and make it seek safer areas that are away from your property. When using this method, you should consider going for those humane and safe deterrents so as not to harm the squirrel and other wildlife.

Get Professionals to Help Out

If you try the aforementioned tips and they fail, the last thing to do is get experts to help. This is a great idea especially if you happen to notice other squirrels in your home. Experts have the needed skills, expertise, equipment, and experience to remove pests from your home safely and effectively. They will first do an initial assessment to check the extent of infestation, identify entry points, and later develop a safe removal plan. They will then go ahead to use humane trapping methods and relocation strategies to get rid of them. All these will be done by set standards and regulations.

When in your Woodland Park CO home, a squirrel can be quite problematic because it can cause significant structural damage and even spread diseases. Since you do not want to experience such instances, it is a good idea to have the pest removed as soon as possible. When it comes to effective removal, it is better to hire experts to help instead of doing it by yourself. Unlike you, professionals have the needed skills and expertise to do a better job.

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